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Re: How to format/send/receive UDP packet in C?

Tom St Denis
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Abby wrote:
> I'd like to ask about how to format/send/receive UDP datagram packet
> in C language. The server that I'd like to send the packet to is
> listening on port 1500. When I succesfully connect to that port, it's
> gonna create and send a packet back to the client. The only code I
> need to write is the client-side code. The problem is, I don't have
> any idea how to:
> 1. Send data packet to server (I'm going to send the data in Hex
> format)
> 2. Receive data back from that server
> I also don't have any idea how to format the packet. Please give me a
> simple explanation. Thank you so much.
> PS. I searched for example code, but I got only the one that show me
> how to send packet to server. No code show me how to also receive the
> packet.

This is wildly off topic for clc but what the heck.

UDP is connectionless. You send packets but you don't actively make a
stateful connection with the destination [e.g. no way to know if it gets

To receive UDP packets you have to be listening [e.g. bind to a UDP port].


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