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Re: Netscape Dialup Setup

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I wonder how long AOL can do this and still keep customers on the full AOL
"JoeF" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:OmvId.211714$(E-Mail Removed) om...
> My question is regarding the "Connections" tab in the "Internet Options"
> window. My girlfriends parents got a Dell and I'm setting it up for them.
> Niether Cable or DSL is available where they live so I set them up with
> Netscapes new Dial-up service...(heard good things). I don't want to use
> there dialing software or anything, just the service. So I went to set up

> new dial up connection, and it asks for the access number and username and
> password, which I put in, but after it takes you to the connections

> there's a field entitled "Domain". Now netscape doesn't send you any of

> info because they want you to use there dialing software, but I don't. I
> just want to do it through the network connection wizard. Is there

> who is familiar with netscape or knows what to put for domain? I'm in

> Hill, FL. My guess would be or something...anybody??? I would
> ask netscape tech support but they charge $10 just for the

> Oh, and I also attached an image so you can see exactly what I'm talkin'
> about...thanks to anybody who can help me out.
> Matt Faust

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