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From Maine to California...

Jacob Schwartz
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My name is Jacob and I live in San Diego, California.

San Diego is a great place.

Back around 1973, I originally drove out here in an old Ford window
I had been living in the woods of Northeastern Maine in a tiny town
called Houlton. The population there was (and still is, last I
heard...) about 8,000 people. A lot of folk in Houlton were
unemployed, and the biggest event of the year was the potato crop

Don't get me wrong, Houlton was a beautiful, little town, but it was a
very conservative kind of place. While there, I lived in a boarding
house down the street from the now-defunct Ricker College. This
boarding house was run by an elderly couple. Well, I lived on the top
floor in a 1-room apartment with a kitchen. There was no bathroom in
the apartment, and I had to use the one down the hallway.

Anyway, one winter afternoon I looked out my window. We just had
another snowstorm and the morning sun was glistening off all the white
snow. It was a beautiful sight. I suddenly saw a young woman walking
up, and she was holding the hand of child. I immediately knew that
this woman was looking for a place to live.

A few minutes later, she and her child walked away.

I went downstairs and asked the elderly couple about the woman and if
she had rented a room. (I knew there were at least three rooms for

Well, the elderly couple told me that they wouldn't rent to her.
I asked, "Why not?"

They replied, "She's divorced."

I couldn't believe what they just said to me.

Anyway, I felt real bad for that young woman and her child.

Besides, it was freezing outside, and sometimes the temperature
reached -40 degrees with the wind-chill factor. It got so cold that
you didn't even feel it after awhile...

Not long after this incident, I decided to go West--to warm up and
maybe find a girlfriend, as the ratio of men to women in Houlton was 4
men for every 1 woman.

So I packed my stuff, put my bed in the back of my old Ford window
van, and drove cross-country. Been in San Diego, California, ever

Let me tell you, when I first arrived in California, I lived for a
short time in Santa Barbara. It was like living in another country.
Everything was so different. The architecture and buildings, the
beach, the mountains, even the city trash cans were different! (They
were made of colorful Spanish tiles!)

It took me awhile to get used to all this...

I went to school part-time, taking various classes and I worked at a
lot of different jobs. One thing about California, after you become
eligible for residency, you can go to school for free or not pay too
much for community college classes. That's how I first learned about
computers and the Internet.

I worked for the County of San Diego off and on since 1988. Mostly, I
did administrative-support work and ran offices--that sort of thing.
There were a few times I left the County. Once I worked for the San
Diego Police Department as a 911 Dispatch Operator Trainee. That was a
great job, but I had to work from 7:40 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Those are
long hours, and I didn't do very well working the night shift. I tried
to sleep during the day but couldn't sleep more than a couple of
hours. Consequently, I went through sleep deprivation, and every night
at work around 2:00 a.m., I'd start hallucinating and see monsters and
shadows jumping off the walls.

My supervisor told me to quit before I got hooked on the money.
So I [reluctantly] left.

I ended up going back to the County and worked in an office where they
had these huge, rolling very heavy metal files. I don't know if you've
ever seen these things, but they're quite high and usually filled with
thousands of file folders. In order to find a file folder, you have to
"roll" the other files to get to the folder that you're looking for.

Well, people get stuck in those things.

I don't know if anyone ever has been crushed to death, but I came
close three times. The problem is, if you're inside down at the other
end looking for a file folder, and someone starts rolling the metal
file on you, they usually can't hear you very well because your
screams and yells are muffled, due to the all the papers on the

So after almost getting crushed three times, I left that office, and a
short time later, I left the County [again].

Today, I receive a small retirement pension from the County and I sell
all kinds of stuff part time on eBay.

I'm not one of those people that is going to tell you that I'm making
thousands of dollars every month, but I did come across a program that
I recently tested and so far, it passed my test.

It's called PayUncle, and I originally kicked in about $100.

This is my website link to PayUncle:

As of two weeks ago, I made back my money (without promoting).

At first, I didn't think it would work.

Slowly but surely, though, there is a continuous flow of
new people joining this program.

Each time someone joins, they pay a total of $18.00 to your Paypal
account. As soon as that happens, Paypal notifies you via e-mail
that separate payments of $10 and $8 were deposited to your

All I can say is try out this program.

It's the Real Deal...and a great way to earn some extra cash on the

eBay is good, also, if you've got a lot of stuff to sell and time to
list everything.

Thanks for stopping by and reading all this.

And check out PayUncle. If you're not ready to try it out, please hold
onto my link for a time when maybe you will be ready to join.
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John Holmes
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Jacob Schwartz came up with this:

> My name is Jacob and I'll suck your dick for free.

-John Holmes-

"It ain't much, if it ain't Dutch..."

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