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Raid problems (Abit NF7-S2G)

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Hi all.
wonder is anyone could help me with a small problem thats almost got me
pulling my hair out, now I'm no noob but this is really ****ing me off.

so here we go..

Just purchased two Western Digital 36.5GB Raptor hard drives
(2x WD360JB 10,000rpm, SATA, 8mb cach)
with the intention of putting them on rade 0 (striping) so fitted the
drives to sata 1 and sata 2 on the motherboard and turned on sata raid
in the BIOS. set my boot sequence to CDrom,HDD, saved the settings,
restarted the pc, Sata configuration menu: set up the sata 1 and sata 2
into a striping array with 64k clusters, saved the changes, cleared the
disks .. now onto setting up windows 2k .. so booted from cd rom hit F6
selected the Si3112 Win 2k driver .. got to the Disk setup menu and to
my surprise instead of one 78.9GB drive there was two 35Gb drives now
I've been at this for about 4 hours now so far I have tried every raid
driver on the cd-rom (Si3112,Si3114 for win 2k,Nt,Xp) so I then went to
Abits website No faq on the subject so went to drivers, ahh I thought
when i saw the list of drivers for the NF7-S2G nVidia raid driver there
so i downloaded that put it on a floppy did the usual crap selected it
on the Drivers menu and same problem .. so off I went back to the
website this time I thought I would try the BIOS update so downloaded
the latest bios (1.3) installed that reset all my settings .. redone the
sata array and off to Win 2k to try again .. nope didnt work ether ..
Now before anyone suggests trying win xp .. I've done that all ready
with the same results.

Seems the problem as far as i can see is that it thinks there is two
HDD's instead of one.

So plugged in the power connector for my IDE HDD (WD 120GB 8mb cach
72,000rpm IDE) and booted into win 2k from there I can go into computer
manager, disk manager and set up the Striping rade from there but this
means my new super fast HDD's would be for back up (which I intended to
use my 120Gb WD for).. and yes i did try installing windows on the Raid
array that i set up in windows ...

So does anyone have a suggestion other than chucking it off a wall ?

full pc specs (beacuse someone always asks)

Abit NF7-S2G mobo
AMX XP Barton 2600+
1GB OCZ PC320 low cas
1x WD120 IDE HDD
SB Live
56k V90 intel modem
Speadstream ADSL modem PCI
1x DVD rom (sony)
1X CD/rw (LG)
550W PSU (Superflower designed for amd)
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Just bought a Adaptec SATA Raid PCI card (1210sa) and its working fine
much better than the crappy motherboard raid.
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