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Hard Drive Issues

Andrew Watiker
Posts: n/a
I am having several different, pretty much unrelated, hard drive problems
can anyone help me with them?

First, here is my setup, I have 3 hard drives, 1 large SATA drive that
serves as many primary drive (this drive has 5 partitions) then two smaller
IDE drives that each have one partition. Currently the smallest IDE drive
serves as the master IDE and the larger IDE (installed later) is slave.
Windows and Mandrake Linux are installed on the SATA drive. As my computer
reconizes the smallest IDE drive as the master (even over the SATA drive) I
have installed Lilo on that drive. Lilo on that drive then transfers the
boot to the SATA drive (the particular partition is based on the OS run).
Now here are my two big problems:

1. The less serious one:

I am trying to remove Linux at the moment because I can not get my wireless
card to work with it, rendering it near useless. I don't have the time
currently to work with it and my space on the Windows partition is
dwindling. Therefore I similpy wanted to make the Ext2 formatted Linux
drives into FAT32 and NTFS drives for use in Windows. Does anyone know a
free program I can use for this?

2. My more serious issue:

In order to solve the first problem I was going to try poking around the
Windows installer for a way to reformat the Linux partitions. Normally when
I run this installer I would get prompted for a SATA driver on a floppy disk
and I would use the one supplied by my computer manufactor. Now however,
the Windows setup is returning the message, "<driver file> caused an
unexpected error (1
at line 2108 in dpspl\base\bcot\setup\oemdisk.c."

I don't know what to do about this one. While my machine works fine now, I
am worried I won't ever be able to reinstall Windows because Windows won't
see my hard drive (Windows didn't even consider the two IDE hard drives in
there either). What do I need to do to fix this?


Gigabite 8KNXP Motherboard
Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz. (o/c 3.46)
160 GB Hard Drive (Partion 1: Windows XP, Partition 2: Mandrake Linux,
Partition 3: Linux Swap, Partition 4: Linux "/home" directory, Partition 5:
OEM Supplied Backup)
1.5 GB IDE Hard Drive (FAT32 Formatted, IDE Master)
4 GB IDE Hard Drive (NTFS Formatted, IDE Slave)
Sony DVD-ROM (DDU1612)
Sony DVD+/-RW (DRU-510A)

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