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Digital Optical sockets on Soundcards

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I just wondered if there are any soundcards that have the Digital
Optical input and output on the actual soundcards at the back of the

The only ones I've seen so far are the ones that have them on the
front panels for the more expensive sound card packages that go into
the 5" front drive bay slots.

I'm just asking because for me it would be more tidy to have it at the
back on the sound card than on the front part. It's not really a
matter of cost. I am looking at upgrading my 16 bit Sound Card which
was the Creative Platinum one with the front unit. I just wanted to
know if any manufacturer have these on the actual cards as well, as I
don't need it to be on the front, I want it out of sight.

Finally, is there any serious competition to Creative out there? I
remember that Yamaha used to be quite good with sound cards. and I
also remember one called "Turtle Beach" I think it was, but that was
more for music pros. Maybe it's just me, but at the moment it seems
to be Creative that dominates anything to do with sound.



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