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Network can't see computer

Matthew Superstar Swass
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No computers at all are showing up in the Network Neighborhood, but in Find ->
Computer they can be seen and accessed.

But this computer can not be accessed from the other computers.

This setup has worked fine, but now after many re-installs of the NIC still
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"bmoag" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:NGp5d.20075$(E-Mail Removed). com...
> Firewall?

To expand on that minimalist response: Zone Alarm has a section called
Firewall which has a tab Zones. Make sure all the computers on your network
are listed there.


If it's got tits, tires, tubes, or transistors, it's trouble.

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Matthew Superstar Swass
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After you mentioned it, as a last resort I started up Zone Alarm Pro (which I
had previously disabled from starting up).

Then everything showed up again. Very strange.

The next problem was that ICS didn't work on this client computer. I had to go
into the TCP/IP network card adapter and change some settings that were not
configuring correctly on their own.

I don't know if ZA caused all of this or what, but either way I'm more happy
with earlier versions of ZA than the current one.
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