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Audigy 1 and 2 problems

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A long sad story of a two year odyssey/obsession:

I have both sound cards: 2 Audigy 1 and an Audigy 2 (don't ask why). The
installation program on the Creative CD will run properly only on one
Athlon XP computer. Otherwise the install program shuts down after flashing
a box saying there is no Audigy card installed on the system. This occurs in
Intel and Athlon boxes with various chipsets and in all of these computers
the Audigy is the only sound device and no drivers were ever previously
installed, all fresh XP installations.

The drivers and programs can be installed manually and the cards will
basically work. However some of the Creative programs will not work, such as
the Diagnostics application and the Equalizer because both programs do not
recognize that there is an Audigy card installed in the computer. Creative
recommendations: uninstall the programs, clean the registry, manually delete
any Creative driver/file/dll, move the card to another PCI slot all fail.

In fact, one computer came from a vendor with the Audigy card installed by
them and it had exactly the same problem. Since the cards clearly work
neither the computer vendor nor Creative would replace them. Neither could
solve the configuration problem either.

Google cites many posts on various help sites for this exact problem but of
course no one ever seems to have found a solution.

Creative answers Email once or twice with the same canned useless answer
then responds no further.

To me the Audigy line is the worst, overhyped piece of crud ever to be
reviewed in a computer magazine and Creative support has been worthless for
what is apparently a common problem. They used to support a bulletin board
that was loaded with issues like this (no viable solution ever found) but I
no longer see a link to that on their web site, probably because no sane
person would ever buy an Audigy card after reading the posts on that site.

Has anyone who ever encountered this problem ever managed to actually get
one of these cards to work as it should, not in a crippled fashion?

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Creative and I are in correspondence. They said they have never encountered
this problem.

That is not a very good level of support because it is easy to find users
with this problem who have looked for solutions on a variety of web sites.

These are expensive cards and with motherboards now able to put out 6.1
sound through optical ports most users really have no reason to buy a sound
card. One purpose of posting my woes like this is to get users to think
about that before buying a Creative sound card and inheriting these

Actually I have used a variety of Intel and Athlon XP motherboards and
chipsets. Only once has the Audigy 2 card installed properly. It would not
install properly on an identically configured computer. I have never
successfully installed an Audigy 1 card on any computer and had it work as
it is supposed to.

Working as it is supposed to is not the same as simply providing sound with
basic drivers.

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