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App from desktop back to program files...HOW??

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Sorry for the repetition,but i incorrectly pasted the mesage last time,
was slightly disjointed.....I managed 2 get MS Outlook on my desktop,..
(icon),(NOT shortcut either), is there a way of getting it back 2 prog files
where it belongs..I've tried dragging it, it wants 2 create a sh.cut,i tried
cut,paste...but 'paste' doesn't work in the 'prog files' window....should i
consider another approach....and could it be ..HOW I get 2 the 'program
files' that's doing it..i can use win.explorer...or double click,'my
comp-c-prog files),and i don't know any more....try and help me out here, I
even hate the boring colour of the icon on my desktop,'s really ****in'
me off.....anyway, hope you can help.....all the best.....FRED

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