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Changing OS ownership?

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On Fri, 9 Apr 2004 08:47:25 -0400, Thor wrote:

> "John" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:11fz5ff70x23a.17gcwlkz8ftsl$(E-Mail Removed).. .
>> On 08 Apr 2004 17:36:47 GMT, DeMoN LaG wrote:
>>> "Thor" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in news:(E-Mail Removed):
>>>> "Russell Keller" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>>>> news:rp6dc.19683$(E-Mail Removed). com...
>>>>> > As long as you have the license, you own it.
>>>>> That works with OS's pre XP but this activation stuff from Micro$oft
>>>> really
>>>>> means they own it. They won't even allow major upgrades much less
>>>>> moving the OS to another PC.
>>>> That's not correct. It may require a phone call to MS to get it
>>>> activated, but they do allow transfer of the OS to another machine,
>>>> and also major upgrades.
>>> Just another example of clueless newbies passing off horror stories and
>>> things they heard from more informed people and didn't understand as

> facts.
>>> XP allows you to do anything you could do with previous Windows OS
>>> licenses. Just if you go and install a new HD, motherboard, RAM, and

> video
>>> card, then you will have to give them a call and let them know and they
>>> will give you an activation code. This just prevents people from
>>> downloading a pirated copy and using it for 10 machines in their house.

>> I have Windows XP Home oem version installed on my computer since the
>> machine was new two years ago.
>> I am thinking of upgrading both the motherboard and CPU, but have been
>> told that to do this I would need a to purchase a new copy of Windows
>> XP. This information came from an employer of Microsoft.

> You can upgrade the hardware on an OEM XP install, but there may be more
> restrictions (if it came pre-installed from a brand-name builder like Dell,
> Gateway, HP, Compaq, etc). You see, the preinstalled OEM versions are
> usually "married" to a BIOS ID string, that the computer manufacturer places
> there. This allows easy restriction-free upgrades to everything inside the
> computer *except* the motherboard, unless you get an special upgrade board
> from the original PC manufacturer, that contains the same company ID, to
> satisfy that copy of WindowsXP. If you buy an off-the-shelf motherboard
> somewhere, and attempt to reinstall XP from the recovery disc provided by
> the PC manufacturer, it may not work, since it won't find the proper
> manufacturer identifier in the BIOS. Probably the best thing to do in this
> situation is to consult with your PC manufacturer and see what the situation
> will be, and what your upgrade options are. If you have one of the so-called
> "generic" OEM copies of windowsXP (like what a small custom-builder shop
> would likely use, or one you have built yourself), then it will have the
> same activation needs that the retail version has, and it will respond in
> the same way to major upgrades that the retail version does. Meaning, you
> can upgrade the motherboard and other components, but you may simply have to
> re-activate, either online, or via a phonecall to Microsoft if enough items
> are changed.

Thanks for the detailed information.

The computer was custom built by a local firm...this information has
eased my mind. I don't mind the expense for upgrading, but the thought
of buying a new Windows XP when I already owned a copy was getting
right up my nose

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