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is the current SCO denial of service attack bogus ?

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Innocents Caught in SCO-Linux Cross Fire
Peter Galli Aug 27 2003


"Each DDoS attack aimed at SCO over the past 4 months has crippled not
only SCO, but Centershift as well," James Hafen, Centershift's chief
technical officer and senior vice president, told eWEEK in an e-mail
on Wednesday.

"Stepping aside from the issues of how, architecturally, this would
have spilled over into Centershift's domain, it should be known that
bystanders are being injured as this war rages on," Hafen added.


Hafen responded by admitting that his company did indeed have issues
with its hosting company and was taking action on that front.,3959,1233231,00.asp

'Stepping aside .. architecturally' ??? translation: I made an
unfounded statement and cannot back it up with hard facts. I wonder is
the current DDOS attack equally bogus ?
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