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Pix is anonymous proxy

Sean James
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How can I block my Pix from being an anonymous proxy?

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Walter Roberson
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In article <brjq1a$m44$(E-Mail Removed)>,
Sean James <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
:How can I block my Pix from being an anonymous proxy?

Didn't you ask this same question just a few weeks ago?

Answer #1:

You don't. If your scanning program is reporting that it is
an anonymous proxy and it is politically important that the
firewall not have any negative reports from the scanning program,
then you will have a *long* search for an appropriate replacement
product. I can make a good guess about which scanner you are using,
and said scanner makes mistakes, and reports on things that
do not matter at all under the circumstances.

Answer #2:

Configure AAA authentication and AAA authorization so that
unauthenticated users cannot access outside content. Note that this
means that users will have to "log in" every time they start up
a browser or FTP session.
Would you buy a used bit from this man??
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