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$35 CD Buners

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On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 05:24:49 GMT, "Insoo" <(E-Mail Removed)>

>thanks for all the advice guys, I could just use the mounting screws and
>audio cable from my existing 8x burner. I'm also looking at an LG DVD/CD RW
>combo, for about $70. What good or useful would a DVD burner be?

I presume by *combo* that you mean a DVD reader with CD-RW burning
capability. Those aren't the same as DVD burners.

The biggest drawback to going with a combo drive is the speed. They
tend to have slower CD read speeds (even if the specs say otherwise)
than a CD-RW drive. If you want to watch DVD movies on your computer,
fine, but if you don't, I'm not sure the speed trade off is worth it
for DVD read capability.

As for DVD burners? With a DVD decoder card or software decoder,
you'll be able to watch DVD movies. You'll also be able to burn data
onto DVD writeable discs, and with the right software, design your own
DVD video discs. As far as data discs go, the currently available
single layer DVD-R/W, +R/W, discs can hold up to 4.7Gigabytes, which
is a fair bit. You'll still be able to burn CDRs and CDRWs, but
again, burn speed for the CD formats will generally be slower than
achievable on the faster CDRW drives.

If you do go for a DVD burner, I'd suggest looking at the LG 481S or
the NEC 4x DVD+/- burner that's been making the rounds (not sure of
the model number). I'd avoid the LG 4040B. I bought one of those,
and while it doesn't seem to have any trouble burning DVDs or CDs, it
*does* have some trouble burning DVDs at its top advertised speed --
at least in North America. I've never been able to burn any faster
than 2x with any media, and I've tried a wide selection from what's
available locally (TY, TDK, EMTEC, HP, Ritek, Princo, etc -- all 4x,
both - and + variants, as well as RW discs from EMTEC and HP). Oddly,
if you live in Europe, you may have better luck getting full speed out
of the drive. Hopefully a future firmware update will fix it, but
until then, consider it a 2x DVD burner. It seems to burn CDs at its
rated speed without problems (but it's rated speed is a pokey 24x

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