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windows xp boots slow

Duane Arnold
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"Diehard" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:VqiDb.817$(E-Mail Removed)

> "Diehard" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:jmSBb.10585$(E-Mail Removed)
>> i set up my uncles pc and had a nic in it and installed windows xp.
>> used

> my
>> cable modem to download all updates for xp. when i took out my nic
>> his pc now takes 3-5 times longer to boot. it sists there at the
>> windows screen with the blue squares scrolling, but does boot. is it
>> looking for a

> network
>> and stuff or what's wrong? with my nic in it it booted up normally
>> fine,

> but
>> without it, it's taking 3 minutes or so. my guess it is looking for a
>> network, but cant find one. so if this is the case can we tell it not
>> to look for a network or something?

> Ok, so my uncle got to his device manager and there is no network
> adapter listed cus he doesn't have it anymore. how does he speed up
> his boot then? i took my card out and since then he has to wait like 3
> minutes for it to boot. and i assume it's looking for a network.


Just because the device is not showing doesn't mean that the O/S is not
using some elements of the NIC logic and the NIC is not there at bootup,
because you *ripped* it out of the machine and you didn't properly tell
the O/S that the NIC is not there.

You said it in your statments above. With the NIC in the machine it does
this and without the NIC it does that.

I am not saying that putting the NIC back into the machine and telling
the O/S *properly* that it is not there is going to fix anything. But
your options to fix this seems *limited*.

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