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Setup and Partition 2 Hard Drives

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My computer has two hard drives - one 40Gb, the other 80GB and I am
wondering how best to set them up for security of data and best performance.

I am thinking of dividing each disk into two partitions. Obviously one will
be the C drive with WinXP and my Applications.

I want to keep my data separately and also keep separate backups of the C
drive and my data.

Should I partition the 80GB disk as "C drive" and "Data" and partition the
40GB disk as "Image of C" and "Backup of Data" or would placing my data on a
separate physical drive from WinXP and my Apps (or some other permutation of
the above) be a better idea?

I use the computer mainly for image editing (Photoshop7) and some small
databases, spreadsheets and the occasional Word document.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas.


PS. Remove my head ware to email me.

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