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SysOps and SysAdmins needed for project

Marc Abrahams
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Hello all,

If you ran or used a BBS or FTP server back in 1988-89, read on. I need
an expert from those days to help me with a project.

What is going on is there is a corporation, Acacia Media Technologies,
that claims it has patents that cover storing and transferring of
compressed audio and / or video files over the Internet. Check out for Acacia's
explanation of what they think they've patented. You can imagine what
it would mean if a court were to agree with Acacia's interpretation of
the patent claims and affirm that the patents are valid and
enforceable. I am trying to stop that from happening.

What I am looking for is someone who ran a BBS during the late 1980's
who was storing any type of compressed video or audio files that users
were able to download. By "compressed" I mean either compressed with
a compression utility, or in a file format that automatically includes
compression (or both). In particular:

PC: .gl (Grasp animations), .voc (Sound Blaster audio), .fli/.flc
(Autodesk Animator), animated GIFs
Amiga: sampled audio (.iff form 8SVX), Newtek Demo Reels, juggler.lha
demo, .mvm (MovieMaker)
Macintosh: SoundCap audio (compressed (HCOM) or uncompressed + packed
or stuffed)
Atari ST: any kind of sampled audio, .mvm (MovieMaker)
NeXT/Sun: .au or compressed .snd

What I am also looking for is an ORIGINAL BBS server from 1989 or
earlier. I mean the very same computer that ran the BBS, with the
same hard disk, with the same BBS software and file archives. The
more complete the system, the better. For example, it would also be
perfect to have the same modem (or modem pool) and monitor, keyboard,
etc. Better still to have some logs of files downloaded by users
during that time. This computer can be any hardware, software or
operating system and the modem can be any speed as long as all system
components are from 1989 or earlier. Even if you don't have the
original hard disk, it would be helpful to have archive tapes or disks
that would allow me to recreate the server contents circa 1989.

Please contact me at the email below if you can help in any way. We
may be able to arrange some kind of monetary compensation.


Marc Removed)
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