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Looking at getting a pda

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Which of these pdas is the best, I am looking for one that is fast with good
size hard drive internet maybe a dsl or cable connection if possable and be
hooked to a desktop computer.

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PDAs do not have hard drives.
They all connect to computers to install programs and exchange data using
flash memory.
You first have to decide if you want to use the Palm or the Windows
operating system. That means you need to know what you are going to use the
device for.
I prefer the Palm: the devices are smaller and I mainly use them to record
billing info and look up information. I have no need to run a PDA version of
Word or Excel and have no idea why anyone would want to. It is tedious to
enter data or words regardless of whether you use a stylet or have a tiny
built-in keyboard.
Palm and Sony devices, I have both, are not much different.
I don't see the value of Internet connections for a PDA unless you need
specifically to communicate with your business. It is very expensive to
download spam into your PDA.

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