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Sound Output Issues

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All sound output from my computer now all of a sudden has a reverb/echo to
it. I tried it with different apps and its all the same, regardless of what
I do. I had this problem once before, and it went away after I changed
something in my speaker settings. I tried that again, but had no luck this
time around.

Does this sound like something that anyone here has experienced, or might
know cause/solution for? Any tips would be great.

System Info:
2.4G P4 processor, 512MB Ram, nvidia geforce, and soundblaster audigy card.

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"melvin" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in

> System Info:
> 2.4G P4 processor, 512MB Ram, nvidia geforce, and soundblaster audigy
> card.

My sound card's control panel (I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz) let's me
add reverb and echo to it. Check if Creative's software does the same
thing, you may have told it to add effects to it without realizing it.

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I checked around for that, but when I installed my software, I went for
drivers only, so the only control of any kind I have over options for my
card are the ones in the sound section on windows control panel.

the thing that was weird about it was that it happened at a point when there
wasnt any programs running at all, just kinda went off all by itself. Im
gonna fool with it a little more, and if I cant get it squared away, I'm
just gonna delete/re-install the drivers or take the card out and run the
comp, and then put it back in and reinstall then.

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