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Re: Apologies for "Mad" Bill Pal m er's annoying usenet behaviour.

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From Most of us using News Groups.

Why dont you take Performance Art to where it belongs and get it the heck
off of Serious newsgroups. You are a selfish person doing it for your own
pleasure / entertainment without regard to others most likely because you
need to be at the center of attention - a 'Look at me' type. Most of us
that use these types of newsgroups do so for business and informative
purposes - but I am guessing that a celf centered person thinks the universe
revolves them and everything is thier personal 'performing art' stage.

Bruce J Hafner
Flow charting, Process Maps for Business

"Twinkles" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:8601.545$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Please excuse this intrusion on your newsgroup, but I would like to take

the time to apologise
> for any annoying messages you may have received from Mad Bill Pal m er

that were signed with
> my name. He is no longer associated with me, my alliances lie elsewhere,

but the conniving old
> fool thinks that he can get away with posts of a very dubious, boring,

non-sensical nature by
> pretending that they came from me. Any post purportedly coming from me but

sent from Mad Bill
> Pal m er's usenet address are false, forgeries designed to create a

difficulties regarding my
> career as a writer and usenet entertainer/performance artist.
> Bill is a delusional man, completely out of touch with reality, a man who

has not a trace of creative
> or artistic ability, a man who is impossible to reason with as he has no

discernable intellect. He actually
> claims that he lives in an imaginary room above a usenet newsgroup!
> Thank you for your attention, and please remember, if it is signed

"Twinkles - the alt.genius dwarf"
> and is sent from Mad-Bill Pal m er's address, it is a forgery. Mad Bill is

a known forger and stealer of
> names, he even admits that he stole the name Bill Pal m er.
> Regards
> Twinkles - the alt.genius.dwarf.

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