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Re: Duron->Athlon/Celeron->Pentium

anna keynow
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On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 12:44:05 -0000, DeMoN LaG <n@a> wrote:

>anna keynow <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
>news:(E-Mail Removed) :
>> There's a celeron 'puter there - fifth item down.
>> What I'm wondering is, can I swap out the celeron for a pentium or,
>> are the mobo's not capable of this sort of change. Same with swapping
>> a Duron for an Athlon cpu?

>It depends on what motherboard they use for both situations. If the boards
>support a faster Pentium (or a Duron machine's board supports a faster
>Athlon) you can swap them out. I think this machine is crap though.
>Onboard video, onboard sound, only ATA100 (not 133), only a 5400 RPM drive
>(who doesn't use 7200 these days?), and a 52x CD instead of something like
>a 48x24x48 burner. You can get a better deal somewhere else.

I was just thinking about it as an extra computer for the home. I'm
always fighting with the child or boyfriend to use the one we have. I
always win but, I hate the arguing.
I know the machine is nothing special. You're absolutely right about
the HDD speed. You'd be amazed how expensive computers are here
though. We pay very high prices for computers here. Actually we pay
very high prices for everything. Even second hand. People ask very
high prices for their old computers. They seem to think that, because
they paid three thousand dollars for the thing and it's only two years
old, that they should get $1500 - 2000+ for them. And, the thing is,
people do pay the money.
Thanks DL

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