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Biostar M7VIZ -- BIOS is bad?

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Matt <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):

> Andrew wrote:
>> THANKS for the advice. I did (am) running it now... so far: PASS 1
>> w/o errors. The video is On-Board, and I tried another PS, a 400W
>> from THIS machine, nade no difference. I feel it's a BAD BIOS chip
>> or bad mobo, but this is the second one! What are the chances of 2
>> for 2, anyway?
>> It's finicy to get it running, but once it does it's a great board!
>> Any other suggestions... anybody? Should I try another copy or
>> change to another manufacturer? I got this board as a combo set from
>> Newegg for $99 with the AMD XP 1800+ Retail box w/HSF. The reviews
>> on their site show it's a good board too. Is 2 for 2 bad luck or a
>> bad batch?
>> Thanks
>> Andrew
>> "Michael-NC" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>> news:ZC_fb.27331$(E-Mail Removed) m...
>>>Very difficult to diagnose that without running some kind of DOS

>> diagnostic
>>>program or switching out the PS, ram or video card with known good
>>>Double check the settings and make sure you're not running anything
>>>out of spec. IOW, check the memory timings.
>>>You might want to DL memtest86 and run it.


> Make sure your power supply is good.

Well I don't know what the diff is From a M7viz and a M7VIGpro but i have
this board with an XP1800 Over Clocked to A XP2200 rating so It may be a
bad board or the Proc is bad try on a different board and see.

Just my two cents
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