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Re: I hear two "bep" in my new PC.

Scott Auge
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Fogar <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message news:<(E-Mail Removed)>. ..
> Hi,
> I have just made to assemble a new PC Pentium IV 800 MHz.
> I believe it has a problem when I start my PC, in fact after few
> second I hear two "beep" instead of one in correspondence of the
> visualization of the RAMin the black screen (1024 RAM).
> Is everything normal or is there a problem?
> Then when the desktop is appearing, the desktop disappears for some
> second in strange way and then it reappears again.
> What will it be?
> I have Win XP Pro.
> Thanks
> bye Fogar

Your machine definately is trying to communicate with you. Since
there are many types of "beeps", try here to find some clues:
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