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Re: Why my PC renames my OS HD with "F?"

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"Fogar" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> after having formatted the HD of my PC it has automatically named the
> HD where there is the OS with "F". I would Like to change it with "C"
> but going on Tools of Management Disk I don't succeed to renome it.
> Should I perhaps go into the BIOS and to modify it?
> How precisely? I'd like to format again and I like to have a "C" HD.
> Thanks
> bye Fogar

This has happened to me before. You can't change the OS partition drive
letter, I think even with partition magic. If you don't mind reformatting
like you said, I would suggest you do that. Only this time, disconnect all
hard drives (it would be enough to just remove the power to them for the
time being), and zip drives except for your OS drive, and reinstall windows.
For me, I have a RAID array as my main OS hard drive, but since it is on a
secondary controller, it sees it after the main motherboard IDE controllers,
and therefore assigns drive letters beginning there and then moves on to any
secondary controllers. When I do a fresh install, I always disconnect every
hard drive, every cd drive I won't be using, and the zip drive (also
disconnect any USB devices, like external hard drives). You can easily
connect them after the os is installed, and they will be recognized
immediately (I know your probably knowledgeable enough to know not to
disconnect anything with the power on, but just in case you aren't, don't
mess with anything inside the case until your unplugged from the wall).


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