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Re: macromedia flash frame rate

dozzen madder
Posts: n/a

thanks for the advice...

premiere solved the fps problem, and vdub successfully combined the
two clips...

thanks again!

"Thijs van Beek" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:eKkJa.508014$(E-Mail Removed) m:

> ok, first of al, you can try using Adobe premiere to combine the 2
> files. Because premiere re-encodes te files anyway, it doesnt's matter
> wich filetypes you use.
> Second thing is: export as an 30 fps avi, and then try an other app to
> convert to avi 29,7 fps (like TMPGenc or FlaskMPG) and then try to
> combine whit DUB.
> Third and last thing. Try to import your avi file into the flashmovie
> and then convert the whole thing to an 30 fps avi (or somthing
> appropriate).
> I would recommend the Premiere sollution, but if you dont have acces
> or don't want to use illigal software, try to download a demo of
> either PRemiere or TMPGenc)
> BTW, what is wrong with a 30 FPS avi??
> Good luck
> Thijs van Beek
> Removed)
> "dozzen madder" <(E-Mail Removed)> schreef in bericht
> news:(E-Mail Removed)
>> hello.
>> i am trying to combine a macromedia flash movie,exported to an *.avi
>> file, with another *.avi file, using virtualdub.
>> apparently, flash doesn't allow frame rates with decimals, as i have
>> tried setting the rate to 29.97 and it ends up rounded off to 30 fps,
>> and when i try to join the two files in virtualdub, i get the error
>> message stating they cannot be joined, due to different sampling
>> rates (30 fps to 29.97 fps).
>> is there a work around to this situation?
>> any help is appreciated.
>> thanks!


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