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Which encryption algorithm should I use setting up Truecrypt volume?

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rinmanb70 wrote:

> Thanks for your help everybody.

Not a problem.

> I used the default, AES, and I'll see how it goes. If it seems too
> slow then I'll try another alogorithm or consider using an encrypted
> partition instead of an encrypted file.

If you have performance issues, definitely go with the encrypted
partition option no matter what. A change in algorithm (twofish or CAST
would be the only two others I'd try) won't have anywhere near the
impact the difference between file- and partition-based volumes will.

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AES is one of the fastest, and is quite secure against nearly everyone, except the NSA. Serpent is probably the most secure individual encryption scheme (and slowest-albeit still pretty fast) Mixtures of encryption are even more secure, but probably overkill at this point.
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