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Tor-MSN Messenger

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>>> The problem is that the client uses the tunnels for some traffic, but the
>>> conversations are still sent in clear.

>>How do you know this?

I know this because I *SNIFF* - the only way to know for sure.

>>If the client you're talking to is telling you that your IM
>>"conversations" are coming in unencrypted then he's right. There's nothing
>>at all Tor can ever do about it because Tor only encrypts to the end of
>>the Tor network. From that point on everything is in the clear. Change
>>clients all you want, fiddle with Tor for the rest of your days, it
>>doesn't matter a bit.

The client = software client = MSN Messenger!

>>Tor isn't a privacy tool, it's an anonymity tool. The two sometimes
>>overlap, but the problems can be very different. In your case you
>>apparently need to hide some sort of content from prying eyes along the
>>connection between IM clients. For that you need end to end strong
>>encryption, and in theory no anonymity at all. Tor is simply the wrong
>>tool. It can not give you what you want. Sorry.

I want to hide from my sys admin and Tor *IS* what I need.

Can anyone help me?

Let's bring an answer to this question:
Is it possible to torify MSN Messenger chat/conversations traffic? How?

I couldn't find the answer using google...

My investigations lead me to think it is not possible because this ****ing piece of **** establishes direct TCP connections regardless of the SOCKS settings.

But I would like to get different oppinions to validate.

Thanks folks

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