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Assigning local user static address via VPDN?

Vinny Abello
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Hello all,

I have a Cisco 1720 router that I am trying to have a "tunnel" created
to two other routers, both Netopia R4541's. All of them are on the
same network and I don't need or want encryption to slow down the
transfer rate. The best solution seemed to be using PPTP to connect
them together as that is the only protocol they both support besides
IPSec which would likely kill the performance greatly.

I have PPTP dialin configured on the 1720 and it works fine if I tell
the 1720 what IP address I want to use by specifying it on the client
side (I am testing with a Windows client currently). This will
probably work ok for my setup as I can have the Netopia tell the Cisco
what address it would like instead of having it assigned, but I would
very much like to associate a static address that is assigned with
each username configured on the Cisco 1720. I've been looking for some
time now and can't seem to find a way to do this. Is this even
possible and if so, how would you go about it? RADIUS is not going to
be used in this situation. It has to be self contained authentication
in the router. I'm running IOS 12.3(3). Any help or suggestions would
be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, I think I'll be ok doing this, but I was going to set static
routes on the Cisco for the remote site's assigned netblocks pointing
to the IP address that gets assigned to the dialin client (if I can
get that to work, otherwise, the address the client requests to use).
Is there a way to not assign an address to each router dialing in via
PPTP and just establish a PPTP tunnel? The Netopias seem to be able to
do this with each other as I've set it up multiple times.

Again, thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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