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Overview of WhenU's Software, Practices and Policies

Jim Watt
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On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 02:38:42 GMT, Joe Moore <(E-Mail Removed)>


>Do you think that WhenU announcing to the very groups which
>care about such matters a claim to have reformed to be a
>problem? I don't. Therefore I don't see my post as part
>of a problem.

I'm not critisising your post as such, and indeed its useful to
know they are manufacturers of spyware, which is another
reason to despise them. Looking at the cross post lisr


its clearly nothing to do with freeware.

The only point Iwas making is that reposting the entire original
bit of spam is bad practice as it clogs up the servers and furthers
the publicity attached to the original. Your message will age off
at the same time as theirs anyway if they are going. I run a news

Less can be more.

It would indeed be useful to know in detail the techniques used by
spyware/adware companies. It would also be useful to exert some
social pressure on the <word of choice> scum behind this ill.

Jim Watt
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Who in the world "enjoys" the crap WhenU makes? Do you enjoy junk mail,
junk email, or taking the trash out every week? This post is about as
sick of a joke as the IRS putting an optional "Gift/Donation" section on
the tax forms.

Brad Harrison from WhenU wrote:
> Everyone,
> I am the Head of Strategic Partnerships and Distribution at WhenU. I
> wanted to take a moment and provide a link to a new page which we
> posted today. This page contains the most up-to-date and accurate
> information about the transformation that has occurred at WhenU over
> the last 12 months.
> Please take a look at:
> I appreciate any constructive input or feedback. WhenU remains
> committed to enabling consumers to enjoy ad-supported content and
> applications while not compromising their privacy, PC performance or
> overall consumer experience.
> Please feel free to send comments to Removed)

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