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M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?

Leon Trollski
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"Imhotep" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news(E-Mail Removed) ...
> The article was funny, you are correct. The author also writes well. But

> premise is serious. I do believe that there is much more hidden in their
> code then we will ever know. As I said before, look at the US anti-trust
> case. The first judge was about to carve that company in two. Then all of

> sudden, he was replaced with a Pro Windows judge resulting in a slap on

> wrist for MS. You have to admit that was a pretty strange move by the US
> Gov. Honestly, think of it like this. As I said before, if you were

> for the CIA, NSA, etc what would be one of the highest things on your wish
> list? How about a backdoor in an OS that has 90 something percent of the
> market include foreign countries, foreign banks, dictators, etc??? If you
> could get away with it would you /not/ do it?
> Imhotep

And I get flamed for pointing out the connection between ZA and Mossad.


It's so unfair.

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