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Backup of keystore (DCPP)

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Now I have everything working great with encrypting my external
harddisks with DriveCrypt Plus Pack, but of course I'm as anxious as
anyone about something going wrong and losing my precious data...

I'm not absolutely sure that I have a full understanding of how
everything works, but it seems to me, that the Keystore file is pretty
important. I can't see how I could read one of my disks without the
keystore - but on the other hand I suppose it isn't used with the
preboot authentication, since the dks-file is stored on the drive
itself...? And there's also the fact, that the keystore doesn't contain
my passwords, so it can't be that important - or can it?

The point is that if the keystore is crucial for accessing my encrypted
data, I want to take a backup of the keystore and save on some external
media, but I can't find any support on this subject anywhere!

Can anyone explain to me how this keystore-business works, and if I
should make a backup copy of the keystore?

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