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Extremely odd thing with Giganews DMCA?

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On 20 Sep 2005 00:03:26 GMT, Unruh <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> writes:
>>From: "roadburner" <roadburner^at^comcast^dot^net>

>>| Another troubling thing is a discussion I had about it with another engineer.
>>| I work in real time process control and he works in the networking, Level 2 or
>>| data collection side of things.
>>| He has a NAT router on his home PC. He has 2 children. One of the kids did an
>>| "adoption" of an animal on the net. Not a real animal, just a schooling
>>| project. So each night his daughter has to take care of her adopted cyberspace
>>| animal. As a joke, the other sister asked her Dad to block the site for a
>>| practical joke. He pinged the site, got the IP, and blocked it in his NAT
>>| router. Then he tested his work with Firefox. It took a while, but the site
>>| came up in Firefox. (This guy is our networking expert with over 20 years
>>| experience). The he logged on to her account and was still able to access the
>>| site though some of it was blocked. We are both starting to think Firefox is
>>| the root cause.

>How could it be Firefox? If the firewall blocks the packet, firefox never
>sees it to do anything with it.
>I locked the door to my house, and my vacuum cleaner still picks up outside
>dirt from the living room carpet. Must be something to do with the vacuum cleaner.
>It is probably some redirection. Ie, the IP address he thought it was at is
>not the actual responding IP address. Ie some of the pages get redirected.
>And why in the world her dad thought this was a reasonable "practical joke"
>is beyond me. Does he give her empty boxes for Christmas presents as well?

Naw, it was a short time joke. The guy is a very dedicated father. In fact, he
and his wife are so dedicated and educated that they are home schooling their
children. I have spoken with the 2 kids a number of times and they are light
years ahead of most kids their age. Polite, extremely well versed in
everything. The 2 young kids can already speak fluently in multiple languages.

The "practical joke" was more to teach the young lady about Internet
communications. Both parents have advanced degrees. His happens to be in
Computer Science.

They are the most dedicated parents I know of. You would have to know them to
understand. Don't think them bad parents please. They are amongst the best.

He is investigating what happened. It could have been a redirection we are
guessing. Or a leak. Don't know if he was running the latest version of
Firefox. Some of the earlier versions had some security issues, I just don't
remember what they were.

This morning, I rolled over and asked the President of my company if I could
take the day off and work on my dedicated server. She was quite happy to say
yes since I am always at the office.

About 15 years ago, when the company was started, I was a General Manager for
a similar type of engineering company. I ran a remote office. My boss at that
time was at the home office so communications were by phone.

The company was incorporated in my wife's name since I had a non compete
agreement. Then my wife hired me as Vice President. Her background is a 2 year
degree in secretarial studies at a community college. In the 35+ years we have
been married, she has never had a paying job. She quit her job as a secretary
2 weeks before we got married and never had to go back to work since.

Oh, the good old days where one man could support his family.

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