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Funny PPPoE behaviour ... !?

Garry Glendown
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Still having a hard time with a PPPoE backup link I'm trying to set up ...
Got a 12.2 ios running on a 3640 with dual ethernet. Primary link is
through the LAN with OSPF & BGP routing. Second ethernet does the PPPoE
dialup, which in itself seems to work fine - I get the dynamic IP when
doing "show int dial1" or "show user".

I have added a static route to a remote site, which I have prevented
from being redistributed on the LAN by a distribute-list.

Doing a ping or traceroute to this site works while the primary link is
up - the traceroute will correctly list several hops through the DSL
backup link. Telnetting to the remote host shows the DSL dialup IP as
source. Therefore, I must presume this part is working.

The interesting part is once the primary link goes down (at the moment,
on purpose for testing purposes - one test with a backbone link shut
down resulted in the same behaviour). Once it does, though the dialup
seems to keep on working correctly, I get erradic behaviour of the
dialup - ping will work for some 5-10 seconds, then stop working for ~20
seconds, then continue to work, a.s.o. Debugging of the PPPoE connection
hasn't given me any clue, as I keep on having the same unchanged IP I
must conclude that the link itself doesn't go down, otherwise I would
receive a new IP address.

A second site with a similar setup works fine ... and I can not see any
substantial differences ...

At the moment, I'm at a total loss of where else to look ... I have
tried all the debugging outputs I believed able to give me any hints ...
has anybody experienced a similar problem, or could give me some
direction where to look??? I will check into a problem with the hardware
tomorrow, mainly to (probably) rule it out ...

Help greatly appreciated,


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