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It's MS Patch time again (8 Highly Critical Patches, Linux anyone?)

Michael J. Pelletier
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Joachim Schipper wrote:

> Michael J. Pelletier <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> Joachim Schipper wrote:

>>> As much as I support Linux, though, there have been quite a few kernel
>>> problems lately (cf. the author of GrSecurity posting six - I believe -
>>> vulnerabilities to Bugtraq when the kernel guys didn't fix them in time;
>>> the kernel maintainers have now created a special patch branch,
>>> 2.6.10-as2. Applying the patches in there really isn't optional).
>>> Microsoft has a long-standing history of producing bad security, but
>>> this time round, Linux hasn't performed much better. (Of course, this is
>>> mitigated by the fact that a Linux kernel need not include all
>>> vulnerable parts - for example, I don't need IGMP, 64-bit support or
>>> SMP; solves a lot of bugs...)
>>> Linux' open development model may have allowed for quicker fixes, though
>>> - all my machines were patched within six hours of disclosure. (And this
>>> 'patch pack' fixes problems that had been known for quite a while,
>>> though frankly, the patches have been around, albeit individually, for a
>>> while too).
>>> Oh well, let's wait for the OpenBSD supporters...
>>> Joachim

>> Actually I am a FreeBSD dude...

> You didn't try to tell anyone to switch to OpenBSD, either...

Well, OpenBSD is probably the most secure OS now. However, I swear by
FreeBSD. Nothing matches the stability of FreeBSD.

> Seriously though, OpenBSD looks great but I'm staying with GNU for now.
> I like their idealism.

FreeBSD is GNU. I think OpenBSD is too.

> (That, and I feel Linux can be very secure if
> properly hardened - why aren't GrSecurity, loop-AES and PaX in mainline?
> All have been around for a long time; loop-AES might be a little
> intrusive, completely replacing the loop drivers, but GrSecurity/PaX
> applies very cleanly and can easily be disabled, if so desired.)
> For the record: I administer about six Windows boxes - depending on what
> counts as 'administering' - and two Linux machines. The latter are
> LFS-based, run a couple of services, and have undergone some hardening.
> The former I keep in working condition to allow others to work on them.
> I plan to install at least four more machines, all running Linux, but I
> keep putting it off for lack of time. Most of these machines are either
> the property of family members or my students' association - my own
> machine runs Linux, and Linux only.

Yes, I am also bringing many, many more Linux/*BSD servers into my
corporation. It just makes my job so much easier....

-- Michael

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Michael J. Pelletier
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Leythos wrote:

> On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 22:45:18 -0800, Michael J. Pelletier wrote:
>> As far a patches on MS not blowing up a system. How long have you been
>> installing patches? It has happened to everyone! XP SP2 anyone???????????

> Sure, lets be honest - We've installed SP2 on more than 1000 systems since
> it came out and have found 2 systems that were problematic - one required
> a BIOS update, one didn't require, but was easier to just wipe/reinstall.
> Sounds like a good track record to me.

Many, many people got burn on SP on XP. Mostly due to spyware. In either
case they got burned. Pretty bad track record if you ask me.

GNU is the future --- Get used to it

-- Michael
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