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XP SP2 Firewall security breach

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On 2004-11-11, David Shaw <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> It doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. Any program can do that
> to any firewall- it's how worms kill unpatched firewalls and
> antiviruses. It doesn't quite seem a "Microsoft placed backdoor" to
> me.

I'm glad the OP made that post. It was interesting to me and brought something
to my attention that I'd otherwise not have known about. The inclusion of a URL
to a product (in this case) can be called spam, but I think given the usefulness
of the post, that can be waived. Compared to 'Your Data Is At Risk'(or similar) posts
on here recently, which are blatant spam, I think *that's* not too big a deal, not
the topic in question.

What I've read in replies to the OP's article makes sense though. A lot of
problems concerning security on *any* machine can be mitigated by not always
running as root/Administrator. I totally agree with that, and practise that
religiously. However, this is an 'ideal', and people being people, won't if
ever, follow that ideal, if it means more inconvenience together with actually
accepting the fact that a little paranoia is not necessarily a bad thing.



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Leythos wrote:
> she sits behind a Linksys BEFSR41 router

How does she reach the keyboard from there?

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"John Jones" <(E-Mail Removed)> confessed in news:3c3ld.353$dO6.244

> The issue for me is though what this article says.....its the fact that

> tell you their firewall is secure and blatantly state that if a program

> a server process you get notified. This article shows this is not the

> Most users go with MS settings, runnig as admin etc. and do (foolishly)
> trust Microsoft. Microsoft need to make better recommendations.....
> "Leythos" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
> news:(E-Mail Removed)...
>> In article <IT1ld.62$(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed)
>> says...
>>> OK so there is a link for a product at the end but the article seems

>>> do
>>> a good job of showing an issue in the firewall.

>> The problem is, as many have already posted, is that you can compromise
>> any machine, when running as ROOT or Administrator, from the inside. A
>> firewall, even is not much help when the users don't know enough about
>> it or to not configure it.
>> The real problem is not the firewall, it's Users not knowing enough
>> about the computers, not reading any of the recommendations, not wanting
>> to be inconvenienced by learning about the expensive toy they bought.
>> I have a mother-inlaw that was getting her machine compromised every
>> month, not one I had setup, I rebuilt it, set her up as a User, with
>> elevated rights for running Quicken (since it won't run as a user
>> account), and installed FireFox browser. She's been trouble free since,
>> still uses IE for POGO games, and bi-monthly scans indicate she's
>> virus/spyware free. Oh, the Windows Firewall is disabled on her
>> computer, but she sits behind a Linksys BEFSR41 router with no inbound
>> ports forwarded to her system.
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Kudos. You did not spam the group, but simply provided a link to
information that you (correctly) thought to be important.

I don't use any so-called "software firewall" on my base systems as I find
the term to be somewhat of an oxymoron, (though I do use one on my laptops,
more as an IDS and not strictly for protection.)

But, when I get a little time, I'm going to explore this issue vis-a-vis
the Windows Group Policy settings to see if there's any way to limit this
interface to administrators only, or to disable it alltogether in utility.
If I find this to be true, I'll post the answer here.

Thanks for sharing this information.

-- ipgrunt

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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, (E-Mail Removed) says...
> Leythos wrote:
> > she sits behind a Linksys BEFSR41 router

> How does she reach the keyboard from there?

I didn't stay she could reach the keyboard, how do you think I've been
able to keep her machine bug free - we removed her artificial arms and
duct taped them to the ceiling fan.

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David Shaw
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I didn't mean to imply that the OP was spamming the group, simply that
this doesn't seem to be breaking news. Overriding a firewall really
just isn't that hard, that's all.

- ds
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