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ZoneAlarm vs Leech FTP

Chris Mitchell
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Running freebie ZoneAlarm version 5.1 and freebie Leech FTP version 1.3 on a
Win XP Home Edition SP1 only machine.

When I open Leech FTP and try to publish or update pages to my web I am
unable to do so. I don't get any error messages or similar. The only way I
can get around this problem is to shut down ZA, then everything works OK.

There must be something I can do, presumably in ZA, to enable Leech FTP to
work with ZA up and running. Any suggestions?

Alternatively are there any freebie FTP programs that work with ZA out of
the box?

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David Shaw
Posts: n/a
I think that the really simple solution to your problem is to just
allow the program to run in ZA. There are options as to which programs
to allow and which to deny. Just set this to allow, and everything
should be fine.

I should hope that there aren't *any* net programs that can
auto-access the net through ZA... after all, the whole point of a
firewall is to restrict access!

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