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Cisco 350 AP EAP settings

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I have been reading Cisco documentation and things are getting

To associate a Windows XP (using Cisco 350 WLAN Adapter) with a Cisco
350 Access Point using EAP (IEEE 802.1x).

I have the following questions:-
(1) The Access Point does not directly connect to a Radius server. I
just wish to associate to the Access Point and there is another server
which relay EAP request to my Radius Server. So I assume I should not
be onfiguring the Server Authentication page?

(2) "Note If you select Network-EAP as the authentication type, you
must select key 1 as the transmit key. The access point uses the WEP
key you enter in key slot 1 to encrypt multicast data signals it sends
to EAP-enabled client devices. If you enable broadcast key rotation,
however, you can select any key as the transmit key or you can enable
WEP without entering any keys." and "Network-EAP -- The device uses
the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to interact with an
EAP-compatible RADIUS server on your network to provide authentication
for wireless client devices. Client devices use dynamic WEP keys to
authenticate to the network.".

Why is that Network-EAP has something to do with WEP?

I am cofuse, and I think things should be simpler. I used a Linksys
PCI WLAN adapter and things work well.

Please advice.

Thank you
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Andre Beck
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      11-19-2003 Removed) (calvin) writes:
> Why is that Network-EAP has something to do with WEP?

Because EAP is trying to do two things: First, offhaul client authentication
to a remote authentication server, second, automate the distribution of
random WEP session keys to these clients during authentication in order to
make them less sensitive to airsnorting attacks.

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