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IP directed-broadcast

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I have following setup with all interfaces disabled for ip
direct-broadcast and routers are running 12.2.15T5


When I ping from Router1 to either or, Router2
responds and vice-versa; when Router2 pings eihter or,Router1 responds.

I was told the following - If the destination network is directly
attached and ip forward directed-broadcasts is disabled then the
router replies on behalf of the subnet but does not forward the
broadcast out onto the subnet.

However I have another router running 12.2.8T5(IP/FW/IDS PLUS IPSEC
3DES) which does not respond to such broad-cast addresses.

Which is normal behaviour? If it is not normal that router should
respond to such ping request, how can I block it without using
specific ACLs?

Thanks in advnace.
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