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Can browser affect the session?

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I posted earlier about this, I have an application and a sequence of
activities will cause the session to restart. My code will go to
session_start right after I execute a Response.Redirect(mypage) in
order to reload the page. I use this statement in other parts of the
code and it doesnt cause this. It is not a session.abandon statement,
or a timeout. Someone here suggested that the server recycling can
cause the session to restart, but I dont have anything in my event log
saying there was a recycle. This problem happens whether I use inproc
or stateserver session models.

What I found interesting, and this is new from my earlier post, is that
this problem with the unexplained session restart happens only on IE6.
I have tried the same thing on Opera and Firefox and it works
beautifully, no session restart happens. What I am wondering here is
how can the browser affect the session? Doesnt the session live in the
server, not understanding how this would make a difference.

Any ideas

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