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namespace issue (very odd)

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Hi everyone,

I have the following very odd problem (only happens on Windows 2003
Server and not XP)

In my class I have (no namespace)
class test {
public static void method (sforce.SforceService binding)
does something with binding

In my code-behind I have

namespace ns {
class someclass {
somemethod() {
sforce.SforceService binding; // Define it
test.method (binding); // Call the method in test
does something

Even though they are both referencing the same sforce.SforceService on
Windows 2003 Server (not on XP) I get an error message that says
parameter is incorrect
since ns.sforce.SforceService is not the same as sforce.SforceService.
It automatically appends ns to it (happens on on the production running
Windows 2003 Server). Is there a way to force sforce.SforceService to
stay as is and not become ns.sforce.SforceService?


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