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Cisco 1720 access-lists

Nite Rider
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I have a VPN server at and is a new ip
address that I am going to get. The router is a cisco 1720 with 12.1
IOS. I have a network that shares the ip
address through NAT. Basically what I want to do is pass vpn traffic
from to, along with some tcp ports. Will
the following commands work for the network and VPN. What I don't want
is all data going inside the network to be blocked as then the
internet wouldn't work, just so I can get VPN without leaving my
server wide open. So if this won't work, what will.

configure terminal
interface fa0
ip address secondary (new public ip)
ip address (already there)(LAN DHCP w/ NAT)
ip adresss secondary (already there,
public ip used by network)
ip access-group 101 in (will not use if list will work in ip static
ip nat inside source static (or ip nat
inside source static list 101
configure terminal
access-list 101 permit tcp eq 1723
access-list 101 permit tcp eq 13579 (or
access-list 101 permit tcp eq 3333 (another
computer that serves TS)
access-list 101 permit gre
access-list 101 deny icmp
access-list 101 deny ip
access-list 101 deny udp
access-list 101 deny tcp
(do I have to allow stuff for the other computers because I didn't
deny the rest of the dhcp so I think not)
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