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Locking down wireless connections question

John Vee
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I was given the task, a few months back, to set a wireless policy on all of
the laptops in our enviroment. I downloaded many articles and even set a
wireless policy thru Windows Server 2003 GP in a test enviroment.

When I tested this monts ago I found both in reading and setting a GPO for
wireless that once you step outside of the enviroment that the policy was
set in, is no longer in effect. I composed an E-mail with my findings and
sent it to my supervisor with all of those findings and never heard
anything from there until a few days ago. He explained that the powers to be
want to re-explore the wireless policy.

Since I have none of these articles I downloaded in the past and cannot even
find the e-mail I composed on the subject I have to ask the following
question. Hopefully someone can help me.

Is there a way to set a wireless policy that will not change when going
outside of the enviroment that the policy was set in? It does not matter if
the policy is set locally or thru GPO in a domain based enviroment. Maybe
someone knows of a registry setting that will accomplish this. No matter
where the laptop travels to the policy is in effect. Any help is

I dont want to attach any pictures so I will describe in words what the
policy is. On the advanced tab of the properties of the wireless card under
Internet Connection Sharing, uncheck and grey out "allow other network users
to connect thru this computers internet connection." and also on the
wireless networks tab, advanced button at the bottom, Access Point
(infrastructure) networks only checked and gray out Automatically connect to
non-preferred networks.

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