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WinCE NDIS Protocol - Power Transitions?

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Setup and reasons for the following two questions appear at end of this post.
Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!!

1 - What does a Windows CE miniport driver have to do to cause NDIS to call
BindAdapter() and UnbindAdapter() handlers within Protocol drivers? (We do
know that the miniport supports OID_PNP_xxx operations).

2 - For CE 5.0-based platforms, do we have to add a PnPEventHandler to our
NDIS Protocol driver and quit relying upon BindAdapter/UnbindAdapter handlers or are all three callback handlers required? Does registering as a NDIS 4.0 versus NDIS 5.0 Protocol driver have any bearing on this item #2 ?
For Windows CE 5.0 platforms, we have a NDIS Protocol driver (originally
developed for WM2003 PDAs) that registers and normally receives callbacks
from NDIS to UnbindAdapter and BindAdapter handlers when power is turned Off and On to built-in WiFi radios for "most" PPC 2005 devices.

However there is one CE 5.0-based device with built-in WiFi radio/miniport
driver that does not "stimulate" NDIS into making calls to these two entry
points within our Protocol driver for D0 to D4 to D0 power transitions.
Note that the first Power On after soft-reset "does" cause our BindAdapter
handler to be called but subsequent suspend/resume events "do not". Neither does turning on and off the radio with a 3rd party utility (After the initial turn on) result in our handlers being called.
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