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match tag and this scenario

zillah zillah is offline
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Route map is set by using match and set commands.
match command specifies criteria what must be matched.
It makes sense for me if I have got for instance these two type of configurations :
ip as-path access-list 15 permit _254$--->condition
route-map STOP_TO_MYNETWORK deny 10
 match as-path 15-------here match happened to predifined condition
ip prefix-list DENY_TO_AREA seg 5 permit>condition
route-map WANT_TO_Prevent deny 10
 match ip address prefix-list DENY_TO_AREA -------here match happened to predifined condition
But I get confused with the one below :
Here I can not find predifined condition
route-map tag-filter deny 10
 match tag 777,,,,there is no predifined condition to match !!!!
route-map tag-filter permit 20
router ospf 1
 network area 0
 distribute-list route-map tag-filter in
Any clarification ? Thanks.
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