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VPN over wireless and ADSL

John Smith
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Hello there experts!

Here's the situation: -----------------------------------------
1. We have two branches located kilometer away from each other.
2. Branch 1 has ADSL, and Branch 2(Main Office) has got slow ISDN
conenction, they cannot get ADSL.
3. Branch 2 (Main Office) has over 60 users downloading a lot from Internet,
and all major Servers like Citrix are there, so connection always dies.
4. Branch 2 (Main Office) needs to be a VPN Server for all other branches.
5. Therefore we need a much faster connection in Branch 2.

We are planning to get the following interesting idea working, and seeking
1. Install a second ADSL line at Branch 1 and configure Cisco 837 to route
2. Install Cisco PIX 506E at Branch 2(Main).
3. Connect Wireless Bridges to both Cisco 837 and Cisco PIX and access
4. Create a wireless Link between two Branches.
5. Route ADSL internet from new ADSL line in Branch 1 to PIX 506E firewall
over wireless link to Branch 2(Main Office).
Eg. ADSL - [ Branch 1 Cisco 837 ] - [Bridge] ----- (
Wireless ) -----[Bridge] - [ PIX 506E Branch 2]
6. Configure Cisco PIX506E to be a VPN Server.
7. VPN clients would be connecting to IP address of Cisco 837 ADSL WAN IP,
but all the VPN incoming Traffic would be NATted to CISCO PIX 506.

1. Is this setup possible to use ADSL like that for Branch 2?
2. Is VPN going to work assuming we do everything correctly?
3. Could anyone suggest a good affordable Wireless Bridge?

Thanks heaps!!

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