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Aligning text in frames

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In article <e60bno$hb3$(E-Mail Removed)>,
Mondas <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> Mark Parnell wrote:
> > Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, Mondas
> > <(E-Mail Removed)> declared in alt.html:
> >
> >> I didn't know it had to be in the same tag to have effect.

> >
> > No offence intended, but it sounds like you need a basic HTML tutorial.
> >
> >

> No offence taken - I have a VERY rudimentary knowledge of HTML
> coding. I use Dreamweaver and just need to know the tags
> themselves for when Dreamweaver won't automatically do what I
> want it to do.
> I am not an HTML coder. I will say however that my website is
> fantastic for actually turning potential clients into sales -
> if I'm talking to client on the phone or via email and they
> want more information, if I send them to my site then I -WILL-
> get their business. Personally that's all that counts to me.
> PS : Saying "no offense intended" does the exact opposite to
> what your supposedly meaning (which, I will add, I believe you
> only said to make yourself feel superior anyway, that seems to
> be the way many people in this group operate). You may wish
> to read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale
> Carnegie and "Your Erroneous Zones" by Dr Wayne Dyer, they'd
> do you some good.
> If I am mistaken about your TRUE intention (that you might
> have to even think about for a few seconds for yourself to
> realise) then disregard my comment.
> All the best

You might (as indeed you "recognised" as a possibility) have this
wrong old chum, Mark Parnell almost certainly meant what he

You see, we all know here how prickly folk can be [1] and so
these expressions are used as a sort of social smoothing oil.
Even I (who am from another planet altogether) have adopted them

BTW, it is precisely because Mark has finished the course you
mention that he used the expression. It was in the 8th lecture
towards the end.

I know he took the course because it is now compulsory for all
Australians to do this. They are required not only to do American
courses because of their shoulder to shoulder closeness in battle
to the yanks but because they tend to misbehave abroad in loud
drunken ways and it reflects badly on the country.

Got to rush, I am up to the 11th Dale Carnegie lecture...

[1] Look at you, for example, the way you said no offence
intended but underneath obviously a bit stung to the quick.

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