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Re: Cable modem

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In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Removed) says...
> In, Msg ID: <ata5dp$qnu$(E-Mail Removed)>
> "Mimic" <(E-Mail Removed)>, wrote:
> >uhuh *cries* thats what you get for being in rural britain
> >An BT have said the chances are they wont even update my exchange, i either
> >have to set satellite or wireless, which there is no chance of heh, never
> >been fond of wireless devices. But ill be moving mid next year so DSL is the
> >number one priority when looking for a place
> >Then ill rape everyone on SoF2, i kick ass now with a ping of 350-750 hehe

> Most of this is Greek to me.
> I understand Phone better than cable/DSL..
> And I talk computer pretty well.
> So I'm thinkin, ... networks is networks.
> And modems is modems..
> All that's needed is to learn the language.
> So..
> Please educate me?
> Start with the non "english" terms in your message?
> - I can guess at things like 350-750..
> - But I'd rather hear it from you.
> I know How to talk to tele modems.
> Maybe I can give yours a shot?

His problem is he's playing a real-time internet based game on a tele-
modem and knows that a PING TIME of more than 100 sucks. A ping of 350+
makes the game unplayable.

Ping is the number of milliseconds that it take to reach the destination
- so, if you ping it should com back with a small number (like
40ms or less).

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