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Do You Have JV16 PowerTools?

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If you have a version prior to 1.4 (I have 1.2 and I am not sure if there
was a 1.3 version) and you don't want to pay 30 bux for this previously free
tool then do not update to the 1.4 version. It is no longer free and the 1.4
version (it has a new look but I really didn't notice any functionality
changes (and didn't look that close either) is a 30 day free trial only.
Lucky for me I still had my old 1.2 version setup file and was able to
reinstall the free version.

I don't think it is easy to migrate a product from the freeware category to
the shareware category without virulent reaction from most users, myself
included. now redirects to the new site. Not sure if Jouni
Vuorio created a new company or sold the rights to JV16, but I suppose the
majority will say that he deserves to make money. To a certain extent, I
agree. I agree he does for all future endeavors but I would say he received
plenty of acclaim and reputation from his JV16 offering. That's something
money can't buy.
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