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Re: Microsoft win2k and XP , hidden & Temp files and such. Cache, URLS, ERASE , PURGE

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On 17 Aug 2003 22:39:05 -0700, Removed) (Jelly) wrote:

>I read all this CACHE CLEAN stuff, here and wonder about all this
>worry and such.
>First off.
>If you are doing something illegal on your computer , your efforts to
>remove it will be wasted.
>You run your cleaner ( 500 titles, on last look)
>Run HistoryKill or Cookie and Cache killer programs and they will kill
>the user.dat file
>or at least attempt it and on reboot try again.
>The reason it is hard to kill is because WINDOWS has this file locked.
>If windows can't own its locked files , then your silly GUI goes dead.
>Lets say you have a new 80gig hard drive. ( you poor devil)
>Now in order to clean your TRACKS, you must find all these files and
>delete them.
>This will keep you busy most the day. I feel your pain.
>Ah, but deleting does, not delete files, ( it only Marks them as
>deleted,with full content).
>Well, you then must delete them or better use Norton Military file
>this will erase it 7 times with many file patterns. 0xAA , 0xFF , 00
>, 0xfF ,etc.
>Another day wasted. I assume you emptied your waste basket at each
>If you really do something illegal and your hard drive ends up at the
>FBI, they have
>special harddrive analysist systems with special analog heads that can
>read your platters.
>This is called ghost domain reading. If you are a Kiddy Porn seller ,
>you should wake up.
>The FBI will find you. Thank God, for the FBI.
>Now if all you are doing, is trying to protect MOM from seeing your
>porn, then run Windows Washer 48 (latest) and pray it does a good job.
>If this is not enough, then search out all the files mentioned in this
>GROUP and delete them.
>I see people wondering why the Cache folders are random names,
>It is says right in the MS OS eng. documentation on line , that this
>is, to make it hard for damn crackers, that have already broken into
>your system ,figure out what cache belongs, to whom.
>It is just low level protection that MS is using here, not some
>Communist threat.
>Just giving you a little protection, because you forgot, what a fire
>wall, is all about.
>The hiding is not for you honest people, it is for the CROOKS !
>Just speed bumps for the Cracker, nothing less.
>Keep an open mind and remember computers have many I/O points of
>Here is a list of protection steps:
>Delete your files ( per this massive group list , USER.dat ,etc, etc)
>then ERASE and do a MIL. Spec WIPE FILE on all deleted files and all
>empty space.
>After all, empty space was your files,at one time ( you cant prove it
>wasnt ,if you run Defrag , like a good computer geek).
>Now wipe all Empty space.
>Now wipe all SLACK space. ( tricky this is ,but it is real and has
>your links in it !!)
>Now wipe your PAGE FILE. ( this is fun and tricky all rolled into
>Now last, if you sell your computer, run Norton Wipe Disk or
>take your computer hard disk apart, remove the platter and
>and then rub a rare earth high power magnet over every inch of every
>platter top and bottom.
>then throw this sucker off the nearest bridge at 3am. ( ours is 300 to
>600 feet deep water)
> The magnet will saturate the domains in a very radical way. Way past
>what any Electronic MR heads can operate.
>Hard drives are very complex devices and It is very interesting about
>what goes on inside.
>Go to and read the engineering manuals. It is very good
>I might mention one more little trick ,
>Did you know that the hard drive , all by itself can find a bad
>sectors and replace it with a good ones. This is why we don't ever
>find bad sectors , these days. ( Did you notice this?)
>now I wonder what data ( of mine,yours) was on the bad sector, MURPHY
>says it is URL links and other incriminating , information that any
>tech or engineer can extract.
>Think ,then think again about using your computer to document any
>illegal activity.
>It is just a perfect plateform for the authorities to use against you.
>It is no different than the dumb idiots that wash blood off a carpet
>thinking ,gee they won't find that blood. ( you are fooling your
>self , if you think you can erase data, effectively).
>How ever my simple Magnet trick would be taxing to most ( readers).
>Have fun and stay clean.
>I will now expain slack space , many? dont know what it is.
>(It is tricky and shows how easy it is to read peoples deleted
>I you have a letter to your mom that is 1.024 bytes long.(2 clusters)
>then you delete it .
>then some time later you create a new letter to dad from scratch.
>then this new file just happens to be a Cluster from the old letter
>from your mom , located in delete space ( delete = empty and available
>to the OS).
>Now this letter to dad is only 513 bytes long. ( uses 2 clusters,
>again)[ the same two, too )
>Now if you open this letter and look at it in a hex editor (or binary
>if you prefer) and look past the 513th byte or so , you (may) will see
>part of your old letter to mom. [ Isnt that precious?]
>this space , past the end of file maker is the slack space in a file
>Each HDD has its own rule for minimum cluster size and this is a
>constant on your system.
>It varies by HDD size. By Design.
>Yes, you can buy an editor that back fills slack space with 0's but
>most everything else does not, as it is wasteful of time.
>Mr. Jelly of WA.
>I am a computer technician ( 1968 to present) and a retired test
>engineer , DRAM , EPROMS, gate arrays and Microprocessors. I used to
>work for Intel and Philips.
>This advice comes free and I hope it helps you all.

Fair enough, and useful information for those who think that they can
get away with libelling others. Willing to tell them that they
cannot really get away with this?

I doubt that I have anything to hide. Others do. Would you like to
help explain that they cannot?

Common sense dictates that no country can possibly allow terrorist
info, death threats, and so on to be freely exchanged on the internet
or any other method of communication.

Um, I would bet that no any two people in this world could send even
send a "Hi there!" message to any one else of the over 6,000,000,000
in the world without one or more government agencies or other users
without this information being permanently recorded somewhere.

As you have said

">Have fun and stay clean.<"

Obviously some aren't willing to do this.

Interesting, considering that back in the sixties most Americans
seemed to like one another rather than hate one another. Interesting,

Why do so many Americans seem to hate one another these days?

Any ideas?


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