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Re: Could I have been hacked?

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On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 10:32:19 +0400, Tracker
<"snailmail(remove)222000"> wrote:

>The reason for this format/reinstall is because the general public is unaware of
>the signs that their computer is hacked/owned.
>This is a safe guard to keep personal computers secured. Since people
>constantly flame my knowledge, it shows me I know what this babe is talking
>about. It gives me more confidence that what this babe is posting and speaking
>is "right on the nose". The truth is always challenged by unknowledgeable

Honestly, what would it take for take for you to admit that you're
wrong (either innocently or maliciously)?

Whom in the industry, or what group in the Network Security industry
would you trust to tell you that you don't know what you're talking
about or to validate your claims?

Which well known companies would you place your faith in to have
representatives come here and dismiss your postings or back them up?

What qualifications would they have to have? Whom do you consider

Thank you.
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