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Mike Dann
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"Leythos" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Don,
> This was a good discussion. I'm glad that we came to understand both
> perspectives on this and even found areas of common agreement.
> I look forward to seeing your posts in the group.
> Sincerely,
> Mark
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Hi Guys,

Interesting conversation!

At the beginning of this thread, it seemed to me that Leythos had a very
narrow interpretation of what a firewall was. On the other hand, Don was
being pedantic (and, ultimately correct!).

It is good that you were both able to agree that there are different levels
of protection provided by various applications, and different levels of
expectancy by various users. It is a case of marrying them to find the most
appropriate solution. Generally, it is assumed that the more an application
'does', the better it is. This is correct only if it has been configured
correctly and the local security policy is adhered to.

Even though it is generally more desirable to have the most protection
possible when considering firewalling solutions, I think it is wise to look
at this subject from the pedantic point of view. I.E. if an application
fits the definition of a firewall (as in Building Internet Firewalls) then
it should be called as such. Just because the popular interpretation of
what a firewall is has changed in the time since this book was written, it
does not detract from the fact that the application can still be considered
a firewall. Perhaps a 'weak' firewall, but a firewall none the less.

Anyway, have fun guys!


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